Musical Notes

Remember, a tuition discount applies when more than one child from a family is enrolled in choir classes.  25% second child; 50% third & more children

Please Note:  The Participant Information on the Enrollment Portal is for the Student's Information.  But please input a parent's email, because the confirmation of enrollment will go to that email address.  There is a place to input Mom and Dad's names and cell phone numbers.  Please also input a correct mailing address.  Thanks!
(The image below is a screen shot only for demonstration purposes.)

Enrollment Field for Parent.jpg

Enrolling for any choir class is a FULL YEAR commitment, which means you agree for your child to be involved in both semesters (Fall 2022 AND Spring 2023), and you agree to be financially responsible for all fees for the entire school year.  In addition, the Parent Consent Form shown below must be signed and received, along with the first semester supply fee of $30 per student, before a student will be considered enrolled in a particular class.